This information is to inform current Committee/Board members appointed as Special Government Employees (SGEs) of their annual and periodic requirements. Members will be contacted by their designated Institute/Center committee management contact when it is time to fulfill these requirements.

Annual Requirement

Once you are notified by your designated Institute/Center committee management contact, please pen-and-ink sign, scan, and return the following by email:  

  1. Foreign Activities Questionnaire (HHS 697)
  2. Lobbyist Certification Form
  3. Ethics Training
    • When notified by your designated Institute/Center committee management contact, complete the web-based ethics training. Once you complete the on-line training, please fill in your name and date of training on the certificate at the end, save the document, and email the PDF to your contact person.
    • You also can find more information about rules applicable to SGEs by reviewing additional material here.
Periodic Requirement

Once appointed as an SGE, you will be required to periodically update your Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 450) in the NIH Enterprise Ethics System throughout your term. Depending on the committee, this request will be 2-3 times per year. Please do not complete your update as part of your annual requirements. You will be notified by your IC CMO when this needs to be completed. Designated NIH officials will review the report at each update cycle to help identify any potential conflicts of interest. A tip sheet on how to report your financial interests can be found here.

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